The State Archives holds numerous inmate registers, cards, and case files from several State correctional facilities. Most of the record series are incomplete, and only a sample of post case files is being preserved. Basic personal information including information on adult convictions and incarcerations is available without restriction. However, probation, parole, and medical data is restricted by Department of Correctional Services regulations. Access to prison and reformatory records is difficult because there are a limited number indexes to the records. The following record series are represented in the name index:.

Women on California’s Death Row

McDonald is a year-old retired airline pilot. Harris, 34, is a convicted killer, serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole at the Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville. With a record 2.

In our collection are Australia’s earliest convict records dating back to the First 4, dated [Lady Penrhyn], List of Female Convicts sentenced to be.

Prison records located at the Indiana State Archives are transferred by the Indiana Department of Correction ten years after the release or death of the offender. For more information about records related to John Dillinger and his gang, please visit the Dillinger Collection page. This page may also be useful to researchers interested in learning more about the types of information found in prison records.

Many records of the various correctional facilities held by the State Archives have been indexed on the Indiana Digital Archives , which will soon move to the Research Indiana Indexes. To request copies of any of the records, or for more information, please contact the Indiana State Archives at arc iara. The first state prison in Indiana opened in Jeffersonville in

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NCCW is the diagnostic and evaluation center for all newly committed female inmates. The first 30 days of the inmates’ incarceration is in an Orientation program.

Two additional three-story brick dormitory buildings were added in and , both of which are still in use today as program areas. The bed facility houses maximum, medium and minimum custody inmates as well as court-ordered evaluators and county safe keepers. During this program, inmates receive medical and mental health evaluations and also learn about the various programming opportunities available to them during their term of incarceration.

Each inmate has a personalized classification and programming plan developed to assist her in addressing personal deficiencies. Visiting during the day orientation program is limited to one 1 visit by immediate family members only. The facility is located on State Spur 93D off of the U. Highway 81 bypass on the west edge of York, NE. From Interstate 80 take exit , then northbound on U.

Highway Travel 3. Visitor parking is permitted in the lower parking lot. Facilities have identified the capacity for their visiting rooms and have adjusted their schedules accordingly.

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The incarceration of women in the United States refers to the imprisonment of women in both prisons and jails in the United States. There are approximately , incarcerated women in the US according to a November report by the Prison Policy Initiative , [1] and the rate of incarceration of women in the United States is at a historic and global high, with women in correctional facilities per every , female citizens.

The conditions of correctional facilities which house women can be a major cause of health and human rights concerns. Given that the steep rise in the population of incarcerated women has been a relatively recent phenomenon, prisons and jails originally built to accommodate male prisoners have not been adjusted to meet the special needs of women, like providing pregnancy and prenatal care, other gynecological services, mental healthcare, and adequate accommodation for things like menstrual hygiene.

In the United States in , women made up

The Cascades Female Factory is a former female convict facility which operated More than half of the 25, women transported to Australia came to Van sites in public ownership (or part ownership) dating from the early convict period.

The Cascades Female Factory is a former female convict facility which operated between and , and comprised five conjoined, walled and rectangular yards with a variety of predominantly sandstone buildings and structures. After it was used for mostly institutional purposes, before being sold in and subdivided. Most of the buildings and above-ground structures were progressively removed over the course of the first half of the twentieth century.

Supporting elements are associated with the site in a secondary or supporting way, or provide evidence of later site development and use; some also contribute to the historic character of the Cascades Female Factory context and shed light on the historical development of the immediate area. The five conjoined rectangular yards with sandstone perimeter walls secure walled compounds , were constructed between and , reflecting the growth in convict arrivals to the Colony in this period.

The yards were specifically constructed to house and reform convict women, and contained a variety of infrastructure including: cell blocks, solitary apartments, laundries, cook houses, medical quarters, guards apartments, latrines, a church, internal yards, and assorted workshops. Additional incidental demolition of original structures within the former yards occurred under various ownerships throughout the early to mid-twentieth century.

The Cascades Female Factory is considered to be of international significance historically as a component of the international forced migration movement of the nineteenth century, which also included slavery and indentured labour; and also for its association with convict transportation within the British Empire. In this context it is understood to be one of a very limited number of surviving or partly surviving sites associated with nineteenth century female convictism, which demonstrate aspects of the convict system.

In terms of historical significance, the Cascades Female Factory is of outstanding historical significance as an Australian colonial component of the British convict transportation system, and forced migration movement. Its establishment was a direct result of British Colonial policy in Australia, which sought to deploy penal labour in the vanguard of free settlement, and assisted Britain to establish one of the largest colonial empires in history.

The former factory was a focus of incarceration for thousands of women and children. It was a place of punishment and retribution as well as a place of work where the women were engaged in laundry, sewing, carding and spinning wool, picking oakum, etc.

Incarceration of women in the United States

Watch the video. Title: Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 Matsu is sheltered by an incestuous prostitute on her run from the police, her ex-prison mate and a cop whose arm she hacked off. After being used and betrayed by the detective she had fallen in love with, young Matsu is sent to a female prison full of sadistic guards and disobedient prisoners.

Once again on the lam, Matsu is helped by a strip club worker who holds a grudge against the detective who’s trying to find her.

Women Inmates of the MSP. From the earliest days there was a need to isolate the female convicts that came to the Missouri State Penitentiary. Unfortunately.

Prisons, and their administration, is a state subject covered by item 4 under the State List in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India. The management and administration of prisons falls exclusively in the domain of the State governments , and is governed by the Prisons Act, and the Prison manuals of the respective state governments.

Thus, the states have the primary role, responsibility and authority to change the current prison laws, rules and regulations. The Supreme Court of India , in its judgements on various aspects of prison administration, has laid down 3 broad principles regarding imprisonment and custody. First, a person in prison does not become a non-person. Second, a person in prison is entitled to all human rights within the limitations of imprisonment.

Third, there is no justification for aggravating the suffering already inherent in the process of incarceration. In general, the infrastructure, security, and prisoner facilities such as medical, educational and rehabilitation are progressively better from Sub jail to Central Jail.

Women in the Missouri State Penitentiary

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DENVER — A family mourning the loss of their loved one says the system failed them when they released an inmate early on parole from state prison. Cornelius Haney is accused of killing year-old Heather Perry 25 days after he was released on parole. Perry was shot and killed in an alley Saturday on the block of North Verbena.

She was our baby.

If the relationship began while the inmate was in custody, it would be a Originally Answered: A male corrections officer dating female inmate after being.

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Female Inmates Sterilized in California Prisons Without Approval

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It’s no secret Tasmanians are proud of their rich convict history, which draws tourists from far and wide — but there’s much more to Van Diemen’s Land than the infamous penal settlement at Port Arthur. Here are some other important convict-era sites you’ve probably never heard of. Nestled into the pristine foothills of Longford in Tasmania’s Midlands region, Brickendon Estate is a grand convict-built homestead established by William Archer and his family in It features a variety of structures including cottages, a coach house and stables, a brick granary, a chapel and a blacksmith’s shop.

The property received World Heritage status in and was formally recognised as one of the most significant rural estates in Australia. Today, Richard — a sixth-generation Archer — runs his farm on the property, carrying out the mixed farming tradition of cattle, sheep and cropping. The Archers enlisted the help of the convict labour force to build the site, which Mr Archer said proved an invaluable resource to help run the establishment.

They were a labour force which wasn’t available to a lot of people,” he said. But Mr Archer said getting tourists to come out to the regions and visit sites like Brickendon was proving to be an ever-increasing challenge. Next door to Brickendon, operators at Woolmers Estate have experienced a similar lull in tourist numbers in recent years. Business administration manager Sue-Ellen Groer said Woolmers plays an important part in understanding Tasmania’s colonial history.

Woolmers Estate has received World Heritage status for its ability to convey the story of the convict assignment system, which was in place in Van Diemen’s Land until Thomas Archer and his family founded the property in — their family line ended with Thomas Archer VI, who died without heirs in This apple crusher at Woolmers Estate was used in the s.

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